Pier 5 Hotel
711 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

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Me and my wife stayed at the pier 5 hotel for our anniversary on march 19th 2011. We had a good time until a few days later we both started itching and had a rash starting on our arms and feet. Thinking it was an allergic reaction to something we took benedryl and applyed creams. After a few weeks of not getting better we went to the doctors. My wife is a stay home mom and a clean freak, so the doctor knowing that said it may be scabies and we treated with lice lotion all over our bodys. We trea

ted our kids and everybody cleaned the sheets and wiped down our entire house. I had to take off work to do this. It seemed to get a little better but we still itched and got new bumps. This treatment was on April 22nd. On thursday May 5th we treated again because we still had the same thing happening. Going to bed saturday the 7th before mothers day my wife found a bed bug on our matress. Needless to say we spent all day spraying, bombing, and cleaning. It also cost me 1800 for a new matress set and that doesnt include the copays, and treatments. I grew up in Baltimore and wanting to stay at this hotel on the water at the inner harbor, and this is what i get. Very disappointing

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