Sheraton Annapolis Hotel
173 Jennifer Rd
Annapolis, MD

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Dear Anonymous Guest,
I as the General Manager I am very sorry you were inconvenienced by your stay with us over the weekend. I wanted to get back to you and all guests they may look at our hotel as a place to stay. I take these accusations very seriously and follow up accordingly. I had our professional pest control in today and we are happy to report that we do not have bed bugs at our hotel. We have a signed and written report from Steritech as evidence of our findings. Please also note that

we have had accusations of this before and our pest control company has never found evidence of infestation of bed bugs in our hotel. We take strict preventive pest control measures to ensure our guests have a pleasant stay. I want to thank the bed bug registry for allowing me to respond to these comments.

General Manager
Sheraton Annapolis Hotel

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We checked into room 235 and before we fully unpacked I did a bedbug check. I found one, live, in the mattress cover. I immediately told the manager, who acted surprised and claimed it was very unusual that they ever had such a problem. He asked if I had taken a picture of it. He offered to change our room, and I told him we preferred to check out. He offered to book us another hotel, but we declined and opted to drive home to sleep since we lived only an hour away. After reading these rep

orts I see that the problem was not so "unusual" there.

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Hello, I am the General Manager of the Sheraton Annapolis Hotel and we take these claims very seriously and welocome all feedback. We have a prefessional pest control company, Western Pest Control, that we have inspect rooms immediately if there has been a report of any type of insect. They did a very thorough inspection of the last rooms listed here and found no evidence of beg bugs anywhere in our hotel. We are a pet friendly hotel, so occasionally people do have allergies, or pick up insects

in their clothing. Thank you to bed bug registry for allowing us to respond to these comments.
Best Regards,
General Manager
Sheraton Annapolis Hotel

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I stayed in room 224 the night of June 7, 2011. When I woke up, there was a bed bug on the pillow. I saw found another bed bug on the curtains a few minutes later. I looked up images of bed bugs, and the bugs that I saw were positively identical to the images. I had reservations for a second night at the hotel, but after seeing the bugs and reading the numerous reports of past guests' bed bug encounters, I checked out immediately. The hotel released me from my reservation for the second night wi

thout charges. In retrospect, it is obvious why a hotel of this caliber in this area has such unusually rates. This hotel has a very dirty, creepy-crawly secret. EWWWW!!!!

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We slept in Room 223 on Sept. 4-6th and my husband came home with at least 15 bed bug bites on his stomach. Upon, check-in, we asked specifically, if there was a bed bug problem. They emphatically denied there were bed bugs.


Visited for a company meeting. Three of us including myself experienced bed-bug bites. Just aweful! I have bites all over my arms, back, chest and legs.


October 9-10, 2009
Woke up with bed bug bites on my stomach in pairs of 3, as they typically do. On the 3rd floor in room 303. After seeing trip advisor review on 6th floor, and this review on 5th. There appears to be a problem. Concerned that we will get a home now after 2 nights stay there and wondering if there is any recourse.

On June 26, 2009 we stayed in room 517. I found three bedbugs in the room. The infestation looked rather light. There probably were more that I did not find. For the most part the sheets and bed looked pretty clean. It looked like they (the bedbugs) may have been hanging out in the pillow case. That us the only place where I found fecal spots. I spoke with the checkout folks about the problem. We were offered another room.

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