Historic Inns of Annapolis
58 State Cir
Annapolis, MD 21401

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Feb 13, 2013
Bedbug found by guest at approximately 6 am.
Bedbug was spotted on bed, on flat sheet closer to the foot of the bed after randomly moving sheets on bed (looking for remote).
Fecal droppings (very small blood smear) were also noted on white bed sheets.
Guest was able to successfully capture bedbug and trap under clear water glass. Bedbug was alive at time of capture.
Guest reported situation to hotel staff and brought specimen (no longer moving); bug was quickly identified as

probable bedbug and manager immediately emerged to ask guest additional questions about where bug was found and whether it was alive when found (this was asked twice).
Both guest and manager remained calm and handled the situation without conflict (although guest was quietly freaking out inside because they had watched too many 20/20 specials on bedbugs and was secretly paranoid about their potential presence--unfortunately guest was not wrong to have this concern).
Manager and staff were surprised, hospitable to guest and reported contacting a pest control professional.

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