Best Western Annapolis
2520 Riva Rd
Annapolis, MD 21401

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in the older wing of this hotel on 12/8-10/11. I found a bedbug on my pillow before lights out and found another under the covers. I bagged both bugs and took it to the front desk. They gave us a new room in the newest wing and didn't charge us for that night. We had no problems in the new wing; my brother and I tore the new room apart scouting for bed bugs but found none.

My husband stayed there 11/30 and 12/1/2011. 11/30 housekeeping found, they said one bug on the wall. They took out the bedding and said they had an exterminator in. He got the second night free. I've heard so much about this growing problem I really paranoid about going anywhere. we've stayed there for years since we have rental properties in the area. We've never had a problem before and I check the bedding always whereever I go.

No nearby bug reports