Winthrop Arms Hotel Incorporated
130 Grovers Ave
Winthrop, MA 99999

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Arrived room #302 on July 15, 2015. On the morning of the 19th I woke up to find bed bugs crawling on my sheets. I immediately went downstairs and had the owner come up and look. At first he tried to tell me they weren't bed bugs. But it was obvious they were. I turned over the box spring and there was a sizeable infestation there. I have many photos of this.

So I moved all my clothing from the room in trash bags and left my luggage. I ended up purchasing new luggage because I was afraid of

taking the bugs with me.
I went to laudromat to clean everything and transferred to new luggage. In the meantime the management arranged for me to stay elsewhere for the night and told me they would be getting an exterminator after the weekend.
After stating that I didn't feel comfortable going back in the room even after fumigation, as I knew the whole hotel wasn't going to be treated, I was offered my money back.

It did cause a major hardship for me as I had booked a room there for two months and had only been there a few days. I had a lot of trouble finding a place to stay that was affordable. And ended up spending a lot more money than anticipated. I also ended up with bites covering pretty much every part of my body, which not only itched like crazy but took almost three week to clear up.

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We stayed here 4-6-13, the next Tuesday my daughter had red marks on her arm that were itchy. She woke up the next day with more. Saturday we brought her to the doctor because she woke up that morning with more all over her face and arms. They did a skin biopsy and it turns out she was bitten by an insect(bed bug).

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