Super 8 West Springfield Ma
1500 Riverdale St
West Springfield, MA 01089-4640

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Stayed here on Oct 21 2012 for one night and got bit all over my legs. I have a lot of experience with bedbugs and am absolutely sure they have an infestation.

This was the Night From Hell - on 7/23/09 my husband & I checked into the Super 8 (at 1500 Riverdale St W. Springfield MA). Around 3AM, I woke up feeling itchy all over my thighs,stomach & chest. I turned on the light & saw that I had gotten bitten all over my torso, legs & arms! I called down to the front desk & the woman offered to change our room. When she came up with the key, she said they had had a similar problem about a month ago. We moved to another room to get a little sleep. 2 hours l

ater I was awakened again with fresh bites on my neck & back! My skin felt like it was on fire! I got dressed & went down to tell the front desk. A different woman was there & just looked at me as I told her what happened. All she said to me was that the manager wouldn't be back until Monday (this was Fri morning). She offered absolutely nothing - not even a sympathetic "sorry you had a bad night". Just stone silence.

Clearly this is not the first time this has happened at this motel. STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!!!!

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