Quality Inn Somerset
1878 Wilbur Ave
Somerset, MA 02725-1013

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My son stayed here with his grandmother who was visiting . ling and behold we have bed bugs! We didnt prior to this. I know a maid who comes to my work frequntly who varified they do have bed bugs. Now what do i do to get rid of these unwelcomed guests

Back in Oct 2013, we stayed there one weekend. After checking out on Sunday, I noticed bites on my arms. But they weren't that itchy. My husband developed bites a few days later. And his were very itchy. We finally realized it was bed bugs. We did not bring any back home thankfully after leaving our luggage outside for a few days in the cold. Since we didn't bring any home, we really had no gain of contacting the hotel. We went back in March 2014. This time we checked for bed bugs in the room be

fore bringing in our luggage. We found a dead one on the box spring. We stopped checking after that so I don't know if there was any alive ones (since this was months after our first visit). But this verified our prior visit was bed bugs. We went down to the front desk right away, asked for a full refund, and told them what happened. They gave us our money back, but it was really no sweat off of their backs since we checked-in just an hour prior. They really didn't give us any info. Just FYI be aware.

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