Brass Key Guest House
67 Bradford St
Provincetown, MA

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This is not a hotel, it is a boarding house. If you come to this part of town looking for a drug fix, you will most likely find it during your stay at Magnolia House. Two bathrooms for all inhabitants to share, which at most times, have dirty floors, and clogged toilets. The beds are stiff, without all of the proper dressings a bed should have. When I stayed there, there was a case of bed bugs in one of the other rooms. I was told by the man who I talked to on the phone that there would be cab

le TV and Wi-Fi access internet. The cable TV was nothing more than fuzzy local channels, and the internet would go down quite often. When it did work, it was slower than dial-up. The backyard and office look like something out of Sanford and Son, and that very same office doubles up as the owners living quarters. One night during my stay there, I walked in and passed the office, only to find the owner stumbling around drunk and completely naked. This is not the kind of "Hotel" that you would bring your kids to. I certainly would never go back!

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Do NOT GO HERE!!! We had bed bugs crawling all over us. The bed bugs infested our clothes, & luggage. Management did nothing to solve the problem. The men who manage and own the Inn were rude and did not seem to care about the problem, all they wanted was to make money.

On September 1, 2011 I checked into the Brass Key Guest House in Provincetown, MA. On the first night I woke up at around 6:00am itching myself; when I turned on the lights, I saw that there were bedbugs crawling on the bed and that I had been bitten all over. Bites on my neck, chest, arms etc., red and inflamed. An unapologetic manager did nothing. He could not move me to another room because the Hotel was booked solid. I asked that I would like to leave and could you please refund the remaider

of my deposit, and they denied that request. I left fearing I would be eaten alive if I stayed the remaining four nights. I found out later from a another person who stayed there, that the hotel gets at least 2 complaints a week. Avoid this hotel!!!

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