Courtyard by Marriott Natick Framingham
342 Speen St
Natick, MA 01760

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JUne 13 2011 - stayed one night

my home is now infested with bed bugs

I stayed here for a few days on a business trip on June 2, 2011. My wife had read up on bed bugs so I knew where to look and didn't find anything however when I got home the next day I found bites on my body. I kept my luggage in a plastic bag so hopefully I didn't bring any home with me.

I stayed there in November and had itchy arms and 3 bites in a row on 1 side, which I later read is pretty classic for bed bug bites. Nice service from the staff but the bed bugs will keep me away.

I was staying at this hotel for training for my new job. I had already stayed there a week and it was my second week there. I arrived on September 12th and by the next morning (Monday) I had already been bitten multiple times. At the time I had no idea what it was. I went to a clinic while I was there where they did not know what it was. By Friday they had worsened and I had them all over my back, arms, hands, along my hairline and on my feet. Friday evening when I got back home I went to the ER

where they told me that it was bed bugs. I suggest if you decide to go to this hotel that you pull down the mattress and look around the bed board and along all the sides where they can hide in the dark. Check the drawers and paintings on the walls. They like the dark and only come out at night. Signs of them are... areas of blood on the mattress... or the head bored.

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