Econo Lodge Malden
321 Broadway
Malden, MA 02148-4521

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We got a room for the night of May 1 st. While watching TV I noticed a bug crawling on the sheets. I checked it out and it was a bedbug. We left shortly after. Scratching

I rented a room for two nights at the Econo-Lodge in Malde, dates Sept. 29 and 30th. I was bitten in multiple places, resulting in my body being covered in hives (with the bed-bug characteristic 3-bit-cluster) I reported this to the manager BhiPholthe morning I checked out (Oct. 1) and also brought to him a drug pipe that I found on the floor. He acted concerned, and told me he would refund my $200 for the two-night stay.
When I called him to confirm the refund on Monday,October 4, he refused t

o refund the money that he had promised to. He told me that this was because of what he said they "found" in the room -- probably the drug pipe I had brought to him after finding it in the the room which I imagined he decided to try and pin it on me! He told me "things were going on in my room" which he shouldn't need to explain because "I know what they are" (umm...sleeping and watching tv?) Anyway, this the story he concocted to (very weakly) justify not giving me a refund.
HE THEN TOLD ME THAT HE HAD INSPECTED THE ROOM AND FOUND NO BED BUGS, ALTHOUGH I INFORMED HIM THAT THE HEADBARD HE HAD ATTACHED ON THE WALL BEHIND THE BED WAS A LIKELY SOURCE, AND HAD OBVIOUSLY SHOWN HIM THE BITES. Then he accused me of having the bug-bites before I checked Then hehung-up on me after threatening to go to the police and tell them that story he made out of whole cloth.

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