Super 8 Leominster Fitchburg
482 N Main St
Leominster, MA 01453

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I stayed at this location a couple months before with no bed bug problems (while there were others like marijuana in one of the beds and a falling sink held up with a wooden board).
On 10/13/2012, I rented a room (311) at this location and settled in for a nap with my toddler son, after having the heater fixed in the room by maintenance. We were sleeping for about 1 and a half hour when I woke up itching like mad.
I quickly realized that I had a lot of bug bites. I attempted to look at the

mattress, which was covered in a bag, and I saw nothing. I was looking at the bed and noticed a bug crawl over the pillow I was laying on. I must have jumped 2 feet back in terror.
I immediately called the front desk, the staff sounded concerned and offered to change our room.
I spent the next few minutes shaking out our clothes and gathering our things. The front desk called to tell me the new room number; I informed that we would not be staying. When I came to the front desk, the young lady had printed something for me to sign indicating that I was not charged. And we left. No apology.
I was shaken and disturbed. I drove 3 hrs home in the middle of the night instead of finding a new hotel, which ruined our plans for the weekend. I was very upset and disturbed.
My suitcase is stil in the car. I will spend today doing laundry and looking for bugs, instead of enjoying the day with my family as planned.
This happened yesterday. I have a lot of bites that itch very badly. And I feel like things are crawling on me. I can't get the sight of that bug out of my mind. Im not sure if my son was bit, he has not been scratching though.
I checked online for reports of bed bugs, but nothing was recently reported (2 yrs since the last bug report on travel advisor. I did not check this site) so I thought it was safe to assume they had indeed fixed the problem. I still attempted to check the mattresses. But apparently, I did not do a thorough job.

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"The hotel has now gone through a through inspection and have put Protect-A-Bed Bed covers and also changed all of the mattresses. So please rest assured that there wont be any-more issues at this facility." General Manager.

Super 8 482 N. Main St. Leominster, Ma still has bed bugs in 2011. We checked in on 6/24/11 for a basketball tournament and our room was 424 and we looked around for bed bugs and woke up itching but had no flashlight to check things out. The next day we returned from the tournament to relax and I saw bed bed bugs crawling out from under the sheets and blankets and sure enough some were dead and some were alive. We check out and the front desk felt bad but they also knew they had a bed bug pro

blem in the hotel.

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I stayed at the Super 8 for a conference back in February of 2008. I had to change rooms three times in less than 24 hours due to an overabundance of bed bugs. The clerks were unconcerned and not convinced that there were bugs in the rooms, so I finally brought them a bug that I killed in a tissue. I need to add that there were SEVERAL mattresses outside by the dumpsters. I have never been so disgusted in my whole life. I travel a lot, and this was my first encounter with beg bugs. I actua

lly left the conference three days early, I was so disturbed.

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My mother stayed here about 2 years ago and actually had to have her room changed! Between the rodents and bugs... I'm surprised they had any vacancies!!

Similar problem to that submitted by "Patty" on 04/04/2010 -
I have also stayed at the Super 8 at 482 North Main St. in Leominster/Fitchburg, MA many times for several years for business with no problems. On 28-29 June 2010 I woke with many welts and didn't realize that the bed I was sleeping in was infested with bed bugs. (I have since found much good info on the internet).

Now I'm also concerned that my luggage and clothing may have picked the bugs up and that I’m bringing the bugs alon

g with me.
I also stayed in room on the second floor (not # 221 but a room next to it!).

I informed the guy at the desk that the bed and possibly the whole room was infested with bed bugs, and he did not seem to be at all concerned – until I insisted that he inform the management and if he didn't, I would call them - and the local health control later.

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I've stayed at the Super 8 in Leominster/Fitchburg, MA numerous times over the years for business with zero problems.
Then on 3/30/10 I stayed for one night and didn't realize until the next morning that the bed I was sleeping in was crawling with bed bugs.
Now, 1 week later, I'm covered in amazingly itchy welts and I'm afraid I may have brought the bugs home with me.
I stayed in room # 221 ~ I'm pretty sure that was the #.
Upon checkout I informed the girl at the desk that the room was infe

sted with beg bugs, and all she did was say "sorry 'bout that" as she handed me my bill.
I will never stay at this hotel again!

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