Holiday Inn Dedham Hotel and Conference Center
55 Ariadne Rd
Dedham, MA

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My family and I stayed in room 258 January 17, 2015-January 20, 2015. I woke up the first morning with itching ankles. I did not think too much about it, because I was the only one who was itchy. Each morning I had more spots. I tried to check the mattress but didn't really look as closely as I should have. We are now back at home and my husband has bites on his stomach and arms. When I left Boston I had bites on my calves, ankles, arms, stomach and wrists. The bites are in groupings, and look t

o be those of bed bugs.
I called the hotel yesterday to report that there is more than likely bed bugs in room 258. The gentleman took my info ad stayed someone would call me back. No one did. I called again January 25th and left another message. They said they will have a company come look and the general manager will call me on Monday. We will see. My husband and I have done almost 12 loads of laundry, and gotten some spray to use.
I don't know where else these bites would have come from, and my hope is that the hotel handles this situation professionally.

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