Radisson Hotel and Suites Chelmsford
10 Independence Dr
Chelmsford, MA 01824

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Stayed at this hotel during the week of April 27, 2015. Room was recently refurbished, and had two queen beds. Checked one bed for bugs, but not the other. The next morning, found a bed bug crawling on the bed I did not sleep in. I took a photo, and put a glass over the bug so it would not crawl away. The front desk sent someone from housekeeping to take a look. The hotel did move me to another room, but I won't stay there again as this is the second episode I've had at this hotel.

Just came back from The Radisson at Chelmsford and got bit in my belly and in my arms. I did not even bother to bring the bags all the way inside the house. I took them from the door straight to the washing machine. So disgusting. Now is a waiting game to see if I brought them to may home:-(

I will call the Radisson today

I stayed in room 351 of the Chelmsford Radisson from 1/11/2009 to 1/22/2009. On my first night I got in late - and after getting in I noticed a small bug crawling across the bed. I did not know what the bug was - it looked a bit strange sort of like a tick. I killed it, and it left a black streak on the white bed spread. I felt a bit bad about that. I lifted the covers and did not see any more. I think it might have been the next day or the day after, I saw another one on the bed spread,

and killed that one as well. On another day, I saw a third one walking across the bathroom floor. I killed that one as well. Somewhere in there, I started to notice some little bumps on my arms and hands. By the time I checked out, I had over 60 bites. That is when I finally did some research on bed bugs and found that the bugs I had seen were indeed bed bugs. As I read more about bed bugs and the risk of bringing them home, I wished I had that knowledge when I saw the first bug. I reported the finding to the hotel. They stated that they inspected the room and did not find any bed bugs and that bed bugs come from customers who bring them in. Possibly the three bugs I killed were the full extent of the population.

Fortunately after washing all of my clothing, and luggage in hot water when I got back, I did not bring them in to my house!

I should say that I have been vigilant about inspecting my hotel rooms since then, but I have not. I sort of am afraid of what I might find if I start looking at the seams of the mattresses... After downloading the Ipod Bedbug app last week that utilizes this hotel reporting database, I am thinking I better make it a habit.

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