The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square
1 Bennett St
Cambridge, MA 02138

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There was a bedbug in my room crawling up my bed sheet during the Easter holiday of 2021.
The Charles offered a 50 percent discount on my room and a free breakfast. I thought they should compensate for the whole cost the but the reception desk person offered me the manager’s email. I emailed him and never received a reply. I may still have the video of the bedbug. The video identifies that I am at the Charles Hotel.

I am so glad to have run across this post, even though a year and a half later. Our stay was in March of 2014. We stayed at the Charles Hotel for four days with our son while looking at boarding schools in the area. I noticed bites on my torso, arms and ankles. I wondered if they were bedbugs but thought that impossible at a hotel such as the Charles.

I wish I had known more about the appearance of the bites, but i did notice tiny red spots on the fitted mattress. it is unfortunate that

the manager denied the above post restitution of some type. Makes me think it wasn't the first complaint.. makes me think the infestation was quite large!
Perhaps the above post will be more persistent.. writing a letter to higher management would most likely produce a more hospitable response.
I would have made sure to get a refund or at least a discount on our stay -especially at the hotel rates.

Interestingly, a friend who lives close to the Square brought up the high possibility of bedbug infestation at the Charles being due to the high numbers of international travelers visiting the nearby universities.
It's quite possible.

Houston, Texas
Barb Fain Davis

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I stayed in a deluxe room. Today was the last day of my son's lacrosse championship in Harvard. The manager was awful when I informed him about bed bugs. He went up and confirmed they were bed bugs. Didn't even offer me another room! Never Again!

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