Staybridge Suites Boston Burlington
11 Old Concord Rd
Burlington, MA 01803

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Date of Stay: 04/08/2012 through 04/09/2012

I had already stayed one night in the hotel, a Sunday night, as I had a week long class in the region. It was bad enough the first room I was assigned, Room 101, had no functioning heat. Had to move into my second room, Room 217.

Monday night, came 'home' to the hotel after classes and a late dinner, approximately 11:30pm on 4/9/2012.

I was sitting on the bed, nightstand light on, watching TV, and something caught my e

ye on the night/bed stand. That sinking feeling kicked right in as it looked like a tick quickly. The bug scurried under the nightstand lamp, and disappeared. I quickly ran and got a glass and the hotel notepad.. ran back to the table, and banged the lamp on the table a few times. No bug. I flipped the lamp over, and sure enough, the damn bug had attached itself to the underside of the lamp, and was darn near invisible (and seemingly FLAT!).

I removed a sheet from the notepad, got the glass ready, and scraped the bug off the lamp base. It started to take off, and I trapped it under the glass. I slid the paper under the glass, and it was trapped. I confirmed it was still alive, took some pictures with my phone, and even put a penny in the glass for size comparison.

I looked up the bug and sure enough, I've ticks and this was no tick.. it was moving WAY to fast and I looked up on the net the body styles, and it it seemed to reflect the size and shape. I freaked! I told the front desk, they wanted to move me to a new room, but I was like HELL NO! I want OUT!!

Talked to the manager the next day, and they were going to investigate, and said they'd refund me the one night I stayed.

There you go.. Staybridge Suites in Burlington, MA -- AVOID!

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