Boston Marriott Burlington
1 Mall Rd
Burlington, MA

Found 3 reports:

I stayed in room 155 from July 1 to July 3rd. Got bites. Called manager about this and he promised to clean the whole room asap.

I also stayed here the week of 6/2 on the 2nd floor and woke up the next morning with bites on my feet, legs, and face. Something needs to be done about this! It's a nice hotel but now I don't want to stay here again, I'm afraid I might have taken then home with me too.

I was in Room 248, a twin bed setup on the lower floor (one below the main floor). On the first night prior to getting in bed I threw back the cover and top sheet and carefully inspected the bed and the edges of the mattress. The sheet was clean with no blood spots or bugs. The next morning I noticed a blood spot on the sheet and realized I had been bitten on the lower leg during the night. I reported this to the desk and they offered to send a maintenance person to the room. I recommended they

treat the room and also require the housekeeper to do a better job of vacuuming around the bed, curtains and furniture. I exercise in the mornings and sometimes have to move the chairs or lamps to get enough space and I always notice that the housekeepers rarely vacuum under the chairs or move the furniture; there are frequently dirt and detritis from past guests, including once an adult sock! THis Marriott needs to motivate it's tired housekeeping crew to improve in order to keep it's long-standing loyal customers.

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