The Midtown Hotel
220 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA

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Slept 2 nights in a room in this Hotel earlier this week and got plenty of bites during the second night. Bites are in a row, just like described for bedbugs. I complained and they changed my room for my third night and did not get additional bites. I hope they are taking action to fumigate the infested room.

I stayed the hotel for three nights from July 9 to July 11, 2014. I didn't get any bite the first night. However, I got several bites for the rest two nights. During the second night, I first felt itchy while I was sleeping. I got up immediately and searched on the bed sheet. I saw a brown bug moving. The shape of the bug looked like a bed bug, but it was smaller than what I saw before in another hotel in Florida. It was about 5mm in size. I caught the bug and squeezed it to death, but I didn't

see blood from it. So I am not sure whether the bug was the exact one biting me. Because of the size of the bug and no blood from it, I was not sure whether it was a bed bug or not. I switched to another bed in the same room and continued my sleeping and didn't get any more bite that night. On the third night, I got bites again in the second bed I thought it was safe. I couldn't sleep and just got up and checked out for the airport. I am pretty sure there are some kind of bugs in the bed, if they are not bed bug, in this hotel. I already notified the hotel during my checkout.

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This was first stop Hotel on our tour and only Hotel I slept separately from my husband. We stayed 3 nights and the bites appeared over the following days. Wasnt sure what they were until we looked on net when we got home. I am sure now, and pretty sure this was the culprit hotel, must have been in the pillows. Was a very uncomfortable holiday!! Sept 2012

in December I stayed at this hotel. I checked the bed before going to bed; lifted the mattress, pulled away the sheets, etc... and found nothing. In the morning, a GIANT brown bug, with several legs-"roach" was crawling on the second pillow. This had to be the grossest thing that I ever encountered

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