Omni Parker House
60 School St
Boston, MA
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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The hotel's guestrooms were completely renovated in the Spring of 2008 so we find Maggie S's claim to be very questionable and, at any rate, very late in coming.

I stayed at the hotel as part of my law firm conference back in 2008. Yes, I know it has been six years now and my interest is merely to add to this list of reports as I, too, had a problem with bed bugs at that hotel. My stay was for only one night. I had traveled to or from nowhere else. I love this hotel otherwise but I have to say that in 50 years of traveling all over the world, I have never had a problem with a hotel and bed bugs before or after this. It is unfortunate but based on my

own experience, this issue is in fact real.

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The report filed by Mr. Juzwiak, below, fails to include the information that we provided to his wife just today, August 18th, that our pest management company inspected their room and found no infestation at all. Since they departed on the 10th, other guests have occupied that particular room without complaint. Bed bug bites can take as long as 14 days to appear so they must have contracted them elsewhere during their travels.

My wife and I stayed at the Omni Parker House on 8/8/2014. One week later we both broke out in beg bug bites. Neither of us had bites in the past and we did not travel any where else after words. Please be carful when you stay at this hotel!

The report from Gabriel F fails to mention that the guest rooms in which he stayed had been inspected (as part of our regular, hotel-wide quarterly inspection) by our pest management company less than one week prior to his stay and that we had a second pest management company re-inspect them following his complaint. Neither company found any evidence of an infestation of any kind in his rooms. While we certainly understand that Gabriel F may not agree with their findings, they are the professio

nals in this case. The Center for Disease Control Bed Bug FAQs clearly state that bed bug bites can appear "from one to several days" following contact. Therefore, we believe that Gabriel F contracted the bites elsewhere. Please keep this in mind as you read his comments.

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I stayed at the Omni Parker House in Boston, MA from 2/16/2014 to 2/28/14. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. This Hotel is infested with bed bugs. I continue to have more bites appear all over. If you have never gotten bed bug bites, they will bite all over your shoulder, back, arms, head, neck and any other exposed areas while you are sleeping. I have been in pain, suffering and discomfort. I cannot sleep at night and had to visit the hospital. When I brought this issue to the

manager’s attention, I was shown NO sympathy. The manager said that my room would be checked. I showed her a photo of my affected areas and she could care less. I was not given any compensation for my grief. The hotel refused to issue any type of refund for my stay. I was only given a room change but by then I was totally disgusted by their lack of concern and tact so I decided to check out. During my stay other co-workers of mine were staying at the same hotel. One of my co-workers checked his bed and found small blood dropping on his sheets left behind by bed bugs. He decided to check out and he brought this issue to the manager who also disregarded his complaint and paint me out as a liar. I have never had such a horrible experience in my life. Don’t over pay for this glorified bed bug central. You have been warned!

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I stayed on the tenth floor the night of May 17th, 2012. I saw three small bugs on one of the two double beds but the front desk had already made me change rooms, as the first one they gave me had unmade beds and a room service tray full of half eaten food. I knew this was the last room and decided to go into denial. I started itching the following morning but no bites appeared until the morning of the 19th, after my first night at home. I was covered with welts. They were all over both arm

s, hands, my back, my neck, even my face. I contacted my doctor, an exterminator, and responded to an email from the hotel. I was extremely anxious (and still am) because the neighbors in my five-unit, self managed condo will make me pay for the entire building to be treated if they find out I have bed bugs and the exterminator said it costs thousands of dollars to get rid of bed bugs because you have to take apart the furniture and really turn the place upside down. In the past I was blamed for a flea infestation, just because I was the one who did something about my problem even though my neighbors had noticed them first. I panicked at the thought of both treating a bedbug infestation and being accused of negligence for not letting anyone know about the possibility. The hotel is sending a service to my place tomorrow but if their presence alerts my neighbors to a problem, I will have to try to find a way to recover something because I cannot afford to deal with a bed bug infestation. My one night stay became a nightmare! The hotel has so far been very cooperative but the misery of having these bites all over me and not being able to go to work or teach has taken its toll on me already.

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Week of June 11th, 2012 5th floor suite - each nite I had bites that looked liked mosquito bites. Over the days it continued. I realized it was bedbug bites when i returned. Went away over days

Oct 14-16 2010.
Had bed bug bites on my arm and legs. Didn't realize what it was until I had left the hotel. Hotel management was very forthcoming, treated the room as well as reimbursed me for part of the stay.

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