Hyatt Regency Boston
1 Avenue De Lafayette
Boston, MA

Found 9 reports:

I stayed with family in 3 different rooms and found no bed bugs and I looked before I unpacked.

One of the cleanest hotels ive stayed in I check all the time and have never seen evidence of bed bugs

I stay once every month, never in the same room

Stayed here the week of the 15th of October 2012. I had bites all over my elbow and on my hands and torso. Bed Bug City!

Stayed on the 17th floor, 9/11 - 9/13,
no issues, very clean.

I stayed here 8/22/12 - 8/24/12 on business and found 15 bites total, mostly on my left arm and hand (not all bites showed up right away). Sure enough they are bed bug bites. I have Learned a huge lesson and have become very paranoid. I am thankful I took precautions as soon as I noticed all of the bites, and I can only hope they have not traveled home with me.

I got home from the Boston marathon on 4/17/12 and found several bites all in a row on the back of my thigh. Sure enough they are bed bug bites.

Stayed Jan, 16/17 here no bed bugs we checked really well, clean

I stayed here from 12/5/10 until 12/10/10
All clear

No bed bugs here. Did a through check. I am very paranoid. All clean as of 10/23/2010.

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