Doubletree Hotel Boston - Downtown
821 Washington St
Boston, MA

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I checked into room 526 on Monday April 28th, 2014, and did a cursory check for bedbugs. I was unable to find any in the usual places.
The room was recently remodeled and looked very clean and nice.
However, on April 29th, I woke up with 2 bites, one on my foot and one on my ankle. I went down to the front desk and told them about it. Ms. Casablanca (real name?) indicated she'd send up a staff member to check it and would also send their extermination company (unnamed). She called me later i

n the day to tell me nothing was found.
I was thankful to have kept my suitcase zipped closed the entire time!
When I returned in the evening, the front desk staff (Ms. Brighton) was "...unable to find any note about the incident" and was less than friendly or even apologetic. Since the hotel was fully booked, they couldn't offer me a different room. Hesitantly and frustrated with a complete lack of them willing to offer any remedial action or compensation, I returned to the room and literally took the bed apart looking for any bugs. I did a more thorough check throughout the room, but was unable to find anything. I slept in the other double bed, and gladly had no problems upon waking the second morning.
I had really thought this hotel was 'clean', but have the evidence to show that it's not. Beware and keep your expectations low!

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On January 27th 2014 I woke up around 2:30am and seen a small brown bug and killed it. Got up only to see another one freaked out called front desk and switched rooms. Of course i was unable to sleep well after that,checked out on the 28th. Arrived home to find bites everywhere.

On August 21, 2011 I stayed in this hotel. I was in bed watching TV at about 10pm -- had been sitting in bed for about half an hour -- when I saw a bedbug crawling across the top of the white comforter. I immediately got out of bed, took my clothes off the comforter (they had been sitting on the corner) and called the front desk. They sent an engineer up to check it out, and he confirmed that it was a bedbug. It was flat-bodied and brown. They sent me to another room. I was afraid and couldn't s

leep well because of the first encounter, but I didn't see evidence of bedbugs in the second room.

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