Boston Marriott Long Wharf
296 State St
Boston, MA

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We stayed at the Marriott Long Wharf 1 night, July 16, 2012 and never once thought to check for bedbugs. We have paid dearly for our ignorance because we ended up with bedbug bites (our children as well!) and bringing bedbugs home with us from the Marriott! The expense and emotional trauma has been horrible. We've hired a licensed bedbug detecting dog and pest management company and we hope the bedbugs are gone for good.

We will never stay at the Marriott again! The Marriott claims they did n

ot find any evidence of bedbug "activity" in the room in which we stayed, yet the Marriott refuses to share the inspection report. They will not even tell us if they used a licensed bedbug detecting dog and a professional pest management company. The Marriott also did not inspect the room in which our luggage and belongings were stored.

The bites are painful and itchy and take forever to heal.

No compensation has been offered by the management. Our experience with the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston, MA has been a nightmare.

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