Boston Hotel Buckminster
645 Beacon St
Boston, MA

Found 2 reports:

Woke up in the morning and saw little black marks on sheets, and a dead bug in the bed and a blood spot the sheets where my legs were. I reported it to the hotel staff and they said they work into it, and then called me later and told me that the pest control did find bed bugs on the bottom of the mattress. They cleaned all my clothes and moved me and my son to a suite after pest control checked that room. They refunded the nights we were in the first room. Once we were home my son and I started

showing the bites that we received. The hotel was great in their response.

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Bedbugs reported & treated @ weekly rental unit on the 8 th floor. Every crack A crevice was treated. Not alot of activity was found, just a couple of dead ones.

No nearby bug reports