La Quinta Inn Andover Hotel
131 River Rd
Andover, MA 01810

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I was here on Tuesday night, July 30th 2019! and I am pretty sure that was the source - now my apartment is infested. I didn't notice any bites at that time but now I have them. I am beyond disgusted.

Checked in here tonight for 2 nights while our kitchen floor was being installed. Had my two kids with me and after being there an hour or two I saw a bug on the pillow put it in a cup of water and researched what it was. It was 100% a bed bug.. Woke up one of the kids while the other was in the shower and packed everything even left our blankets we brought. While packing we found another one on the same bed on the pillow. It's now almost 1 am on a school/work night and we came to an expensive c

lean hotel after researching all reviews I could find. I'm still fighting w my kids about staying at any hotel becuase they don't trust sleeping anywhere now. That place is dirty and disgusting also.

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