La Quinta Inn & Suites Andover
131 River Rd
Andover, MA 01810-1005

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My family and I stayed here two nights this spring. When we watch TV on the bed I felt weird and itchy.. But I realized there were bed bugs after I came back home.. It was disaster. Please don't go this hotel never ever!!!

I wish I knew of this website prior to my stay at this hotel. Sure enough... red itchy bites. Bed Bugs! Front desk personel was upset at the accusation, denies it and offered another room. Had to wash all items and put suitcase outside. Still itching and that was ealier this week!

So disgusting!! ... Just... DISGUSTING!
In addition to the mold growing up the curtains, and the funky smell, and all the other oddities, we were not even alone in our own beds!!!

After falling asleep at 11, I woke up around 1AM to my mother's frantic "WE NEED TO LEAVE, NOW! I WANT TO GO HOME!"

After laying in bed, and watching TV for two hours my mother felt something biting her ankle! She tried telling herself it was all in her imagination, until she saw a huge bug run across her mattre

ss. So, yes, it was a bedbug.

Upon opening her pillow case she found the pillow was infested with larvae.... So disgusting!!!! I wanted to throw up.

We packed up and drove right home.... Another Two and a halfs hours.... Shed our clothing outdoors in twenty degree weather so as to not risk infesting our own home.. Still don't know what to do with the clothes on the porch, or the bags in our car...

The worst part, though?

There are now two very sad children who did not get to see their aunties or get their Christmas presents because we had to leave so early and unexpectedly.

Last time I'll ever stay in a La Quinta!!!

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September 11th through 13th 2011

A friend and I are traveling together and stayed in a 2 room suite. We didn't arrive until 3 in the morning on the first night but we made sure to check the mattress and sheets. (The headboard and pictures are all attached to the walls) We didn't find any evidence of bed bugs at this point. The next morning I found a small red spot on my hand but didn't think much of it as it didn't look like a bite. The next morning we woke up with multiple bites. The red bu

mp on my hand is now very swollen with an obvious red dot in the middle. I also have a bite on my wrist and arm, as well as, my feet. My friend as a few bites on her legs and feet. We agained checked the mattress and still we unable to find any evidence of bed bugs. We notified the hotel and they offered to move us to a new room and denied having any problems before. When we told them we wanted to leave they refunded one of our nights.

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My kids and I stayed 3 nights at La Quinta Inn & Suites in Andover MA. The first morning my daughter had a bite on her foot, she and I assumed it was a mosquito bite. 2nd morning I noticed 3 bites on my foot - again we assumed it was from a mosquito from the night before or from being out early in the morning. 3rd morning I woke up with bites on my ankle and knee. This morning we didn't leave the hotel early and I know I didn't have those bites when I went to bed!

When we checked into th

e hotel I looked under the sheets and I didn't find anything - On the third morning (when it finally dawned on me) I, again, pulled the bed apart and looked and looked for evidence of bedbugs - I found nothing. I'm not sure if it was bedbugs or fleas (the hotel does allow dogs) or what, but it made for an uncomfortable bunch of bites and we were totally freaked out that we could bring them home with us!

While checking out I did alert the hotel that we had been bitten and they told me that they were suprised, they hadn't had any reports of bedbugs. Regardless they took one of the three nights off of the bill.

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