La Quinta New Orleans Downtown
301 Camp St
New Orleans, LA 70130-2803

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I stayed at the 301 Camp Street location of La Quinta Inn and Suites in New Orleans from 12/5/13 - 12/10/13, room 1203. When I arrived home I erupted in approximately 30-40 itchy, red spots that appear to match other pictures of bed bug bites. I've called the hotel twice and left messages but have not heard back. I really really hope I did not bring any back...

I stayed at the la Quinta on 7-19-13 and the day after, my head, neck, shoulders, arms, and knees were covered in bed bug bites... I am in Florida now so I don't know that I can do anything about it(hotel wise). Like the post above, my parents said Mosquitos or fleas must have caused it but there are way too many for it too match those...

I was there Dec. 26 and checked out early Dec. 31, 2011. On Wednesday, mid-day noticed I had a couple of itchy spots and thought maybe a mosquito bite. Then on Thursday morning, I was covered with bites, I am now freaking out and haven't a clue what is going on. My Dad thought it might be fleas since there is quite a few dogs staying in the hotel. Then late Friday night into Saturday morning, I awoke and found a bed bug. Basically I caught at least 8 bugs. They were in all different stages and w

hen I compared with pictures of bed bugs, there was no doubt that they were bed bugs and I was covered in bites. I remained awake and beyond freaked out. My Dad took my evidence that I had collected and presented it to the hotel staff. Basically we got a brush off and were told that there was no manager on duty at 6:45 am. Now on Jan. 5th, my Dad just let me know they comped 2 days on the one room and still didn't admit any fault. I washed all my clothes 3 times, threw out my suitcase and took multiple showers. I have cleaned everything I own with sprays and other options. I am still not sleeping well and having nightmares about this. I feel like a leper and I am very nervous about my work travel coming up.

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