Crowne Plaza Hotel Astor-New Orleans
739 Canal St
New Orleans, LA

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Stayed 12/5/15-12/10/15.

Woke up bites all over my wife's arms and legs. Took 48 plus hours to get my luggage cleaned by the staff. Not a good experience, for a place that has bed bugs as often as they do- they don't seem prepared to handle them.

I stayed in room 928 10/6/15 to 10/8/15. Felt something crawling on me around 3 am jumped up, turned the light on and saw two bed bugs. I captured one and found a dead one and put them both in the ice bucket liner-bag & brought the down to the front desk.

Stayed here 9/13/2015 to 9/16/2015. I forgot to check for bed bugs but am covered in bedbug bites upon returning home. And because they didn't show up immediately am scared I've brought them home with me too. These bites are horrible.

From my Yelp Review:
I'm NEVER staying here again! This is the worst experience I've had at a hotel, and it makes me want to never stay at another Crowne Plaza It's extremely unnerving and frustrating to have dealt with this there and for days and days after getting home. There are consistent bedbug reports at, and it seems like this hotel doesn't care to get rid of their problem.

I thought that I was getting some mosquito bites here and there as well as maybe allergic re

actions so I didn't pay attention since the weather was just really humid, and NOLA isn't the cleanest place so I figured my multiple allergies may have been acting up with the rashes I was seeing. After heading home and seeing a large amount of little bug bite looking marks on my arms, body, legs, and neck. After researching, I realized they were all symptoms of bed bugs and a dermatologist and multiple doctor friends confirmed they were not from dust mite allergies like I had thought but bedbug bites. It put a huge damper on my first trip to NOLA and has made returning back home and working a nightmare trying not to scratch at the bites and distracted with the constant itchiness, and it's been almost a week since I first checked in.

I didn't know about this registry until afterwards with researching, but always check this site before you stay anywhere. There's a recent posting on 7/15 about bedbugs yet the hotel hasn't taken care of the problem. There have been multiple reports in the past few years, and it's EXTREMELY unsettling that they're still open.

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I stayed at the Crowne Plaza New Orleans-French Quarter, July 2-6, 2015. My cousins and I kept itching and finally on the last day we not vides the bed bugs. I immediately called the manager, took pictures of the bed bugs and put all contaminated clothing in a plastic bag. The hotel manager wouldn't even come up to the room to take our complaint; he sent up the assistant housekeeping supervisor. He took a live bug back down to the manager. He then called up to the room and initially reimbursed o

ne night. I then went down stairs and talked to him about the bed bugs and my refund. He then refunded one more night and parking. He didn't care that I had to leave my bamboo pillow that cost me $30 and my satin pillow case or that we had been bitten and that we had to be careful not to transport these pests home with us. He even tried to imply that we may have bought in the bed bugs, which I did not take to kindly to that comment. I've talked to corporate but have yet to speak to anyone in management or executive area of the hotel.

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We had reservations for this hotel in the last week of May, we checked in to our room 223, our first rule of thumb is to check for bed bugs before settling in the room. First red flag was an encased mattress, we looked extensively did not find any bed bugs. We finally lifted the mattress bedskirt and lo and behold we found a LIVE BEDBUG! We took a picture just in case the front desk needed proof. We requested a different room which was offered to us immediately. The new room had no signs of bed

bugs, however we didn't feel comfortable staying at this hotel given the history of inquiries with having bed bugs. We checked out and checked into another hotel, got our money reimbursed and stayed bed bug free for the remainder of our trip.

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Bed Bugs in room 930. Stayed in room 930 from 1/8/15-1/10/15. Woke up with multiple bits consistent with bed bugs but didn't really notice them until after check out. When I got home, I called the hotel manager. The manager had the exterminator check the room and she confirmed that he did find a bed bug. She claimed they haven't had a problem with bed bugs for one year, but the reports on this site contradict that.

Saw a bed bug in room 2229M. Took a photo and took the bug itself (in a napkin) to the front desk. I didn't even really say anything.

They moved us to the other tower and into a suite which is twice a big (room 309). I didn't even have to ask for that.

I noticed a post that someone had bedbugs in room 302 but hopefully I'm good in here in this room. If I don't repost then I didn't have any more issues.

stayed 11/23-11/26. woke up with six itchy bites up my neck and face. reported it to the hotel they said it could "be anything could have an allergy". was not reimbursed for my stay.

i just return hom from staying at the Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans. My stay was from 10/15/14 to 10/18/14 room 517. I woke up to find bites on my arms and a bug crawling away. Jumped out of the bed to Kill it and blood gushed out. I realized it was a BED BUG. I was thouroghly disgusted. I was treated poorly by by one of the staff members. I was eventually given a new room after they refused to reimburse me for my stay. They have not heard the last of me.

I stayed at this hotel July 24 through July 27, 2014. When I made my reservation, I put them on notice that I didn't want to be on a floor that had bedbugs as I had a bad problem with them in July 2014 (Bitten but not Smitten). When I checked in at the front desk, I told them again to make certain that I wasn't on a floor where there had been bedbug problems. I stayed in room 1036 along with a room mate for the dance competition. We had no problems from Thursday through Saturday. However on Sund

ay morning, I woke up with multiple bites on the back and front of my right arm. The bites were the classic triple nested bites. I didn't have to see the actual bedbug to know what had bitten me as I went through this two years ago at this same hotel.
I called and left a message for the manager telling him what had happened and that room 1036 needs to be treated for bedbugs. I have not heard back from him.

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Stayed here for Mardi Gras. My travel companion saw a bug on her bed in the morning and killed it. Later on had a few cluster of bites on her arm. Not impressed from a 4 star hotel

Stayed in Room 520 the night of June 27, 2013. In the morning saw bug crawling on bed. Squashed bug and left blood spot on bed. Found one dead bug in bed. Had several bites on leg. Asked manager if they had been problems with bed bugs. Was told "not lately".

Just stayed in room 302 May 29-June 2 for a reunion and returned home covered with bed bug bites. As typical I felt nothing at the time, slept in the queen bed closest the window. Had noticed one bite on my left hand before departing, but thought it was just a bite from some other insect. Now have a typical three bite track on my left wrist, several on my left arm, and a whole set of about ten near my left knee. I usually sleep on my left side. Also have one on both of my shoulders, and two

on my right hand third finger. I had turned the sheets down and saw no evidence of the pests. The hotel also had used a microfine mattress cover, but apparently it did no good. Now I am faced with whether I have brought them home with me or not. Would have posted sooner, but have been spending all my time thoroughly examining ever item I had in the room. Did not expect this in such an upscale hotel.

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Hi again! I just posted about room 923 at the Astor, and my post dates from Monday, November 12. The hotel manager called me personally and has been more than accommodating in addressing the concerns I had regarding lost wages and compensation for the stay. In addition, he noted that they have already taken actions to treat the room again. For the record, as he explained to me, the Astor did treat the room (in addition to adjoining rooms) in July after the first report, but bed bugs are nothing

if not persistent, and unfortunately they prevailed after Astor's first attempt to eliminate them. I appreciate the prompt and kind response from the manager at the Astor. Thank you!

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Oh my goodness, I was also in room 923 and ended
Up with about 40 bites. Stayed nov 1-nov 4. This very room has been reported an Astor has apparently done nothing! My bites were so bad that I had an allergic reaction that turned into a sinus infection. Astor reimbursing me for my stay but what about my lost work wages for one full week worrying if I had something contagious? This is unacceptable.

A girl friend and I attended a dance competition held in this hotel. We had two queen size beds on the ninth floor in room 923. We arrived on 7-26-2012 and left on 7-29-2012. The 2nd night we were there, my friend woke up with several bites on her chest. She looked all in her bed, pulled back the covers and found a small brown bug which she killed. It had blood in it. I was out of the room later that morning when my friend told house keeping and asked them to change all sheets on both beds. She

watched them do this. That 3rd night she was bitten several more times. I also was bitted on my chest so bed bugs were in both beds even with the new sheets. We found another bug on top of her white covers. She killed it and blood was present. We were checking out that morning but she called down to the front desk and they transferred her to house keeping. Someone from house keeping came up to the room but that was all they did and said they knew what to do, etc. After returning to our homes in another state, my friend called back to make certain the manager knew about it. A week has passed and I was careful to wash all my clothes and take other precautions in case they came home with me. A week later, they are in my house and bed, eating me alive. I've had a pest control company here today to assess the situation and their plan of action isn't pretty and the cost is to be determined. The bad thing about it all is that the dance competition will be held in the same hotel next July, and I'm supposed to attend!!!

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Stayed in room 901 on 9/25-9/28/2011. There were bed bugs - I ended up with a total 25 bites all over! A colleague of mine stayed on another floor and had no bed bugs.

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