Crowne Plaza Hotel New Orleans-Airport
2829 Williams Blvd
Kenner, LA 70062-5432

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I stayed in the hotel for two nights, September 21-22, of 2012. It was nice at first glance but I kept getting bit by what I thought were mosquitoes. So the next day I wore all long sleeves and long pants outside and it was fairly cool and I didn't notice any mosquitoes at all near me (usually I feel it as soon as a mosquito bites me because I will feel the sting) when I got back to the hotel that night I was watching TV for a few hours and started itching all over my legs. I remember being so a

nnoyed and of course thought it was mosquitoes that I hadn't noticed again. After coming home, bites started to pop up all over my body. My legs, my arms, my stomach. They were small red bumps itching like crazy! I called my mom and turns out she had the exact same thing! (we shared a bed in the hotel) I looked online and found out the bed bug bites can take anywhere from a couple hours to a week to appead. our bites look extremely similar to the symptoms of a bedbug bite. Of course we could be wrong, but I truly believe the bites were from the hotel bed as both my mother and I have the same bites at the same time. The thought absolutely disgusts me. I can't believe I slept two whole nights in that bed while disgusting bugs were crawling all over me. I do not recommend this hotel.

NOT TO MENTION they messed up our room order TWICE and wouldn't even bring an extra blanket when we asked for one.

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