Super 8 Prestonsburg Ky
550 Us Hwy 23 S
Prestonsburg, KY 41653

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My husvand and i stayed at this hotel on 3-27-15 and 3-28-15. The room was not very clean but it wasn't what i would consider filthy. My husband woke me up at 3am fruday night (saturday morning) itching terribly. I was not itching so i thought it was the laundry soap that he was allergic to. The next night he woke up again at 3am ithing only this time he had big red bites all over him. 6 on his right arm, one on his head, one on his stomach, one on his back, three on his right hand, two on

his left arm and two on his left hand. We left the hotel at 3:30am. I did not hace any bites on me but something in that hotel absolutely ate him up. Will not stay there again!

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i stayed at this hotel about 5 monyhs was redicously filthy dirty .i did not feel comfortable slleeping there.because of the filth.also when i saw the box spring i instantly knew they had bed bugs because bed bugs leave stains behind and the box spring was covered with the stains of infestation.the manager that works here should be fired.she is very lazy and trifullent.she rents the rooms out filthy and allows the employees to work barefooted



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I too experienced bedbugs at this facility this very same week. I was awakened at 3:30 am with the sensation of a bug crawling on me. I turned the lights on and found 2 bugs which I discovered, after a google search, were bedbugs. My roommate and I packed our things immediately, placed the bugs we found in a cup to show staff, and checked out. I told the staff I did not expect to pay my bill and that this was a huge problem. The staff told me they had a problem on the 3rd floor recently and had

sprayed. Later in the day I called to the manager to discuss the problem. She was very defensive/rude and told me they never had a bedbug problem and she would only return my money for the night before and not the previous 2 days. It is pretty sad that the manager blatently lies and will not address the issue. We called to file a formal complaint with coporate and are currently waiting on a response. I lost money because I left my comforter and threw my luggage away. I had to spray my car, stop and wash my clothes and go through each product to make sure there were none in my things. It was a tedious task. I reported them to the county health department. I had been bitten more than 8 times and lost a lot of money. It is scary to think that you could bring these home to your house.

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My husband had to stay out of town while working and him along with 2 or 3 other people got numorous bites on their arms....they only stayed one night...They left and came home but while packing their things they received more bites in the short amount of time it took to do that.....this hotel needs to clean it up because the bed bug epidemic will never end if hotel staff does not take action...his things were not brought back into our home but have been gotten rid of and anyone who has stayed a

t this hotel will do the same if they are smart.

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