Super 8 Louisville Expo Ctr Area
101 Central Ave
Louisville, KY 40209-1815

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Checked into Room 106 at 11:30 pm Thursday, June 13, 2013. We settled in. One bed bug was seen crawling on a pillow about 90 minutes later. I did not know what it was until I had squashed it, and subsequently looked up images online, quickly.

As I looked it up, my companion had already pulled back the covers to ensure there were no more bugs in the bed. However, she did see another, then pulled back the fitted sheet, as I advised, only to find a third. We were horrified.

We ran for it, re

porting the bed bugs to the front desk clerk, who did not seem sufficiently surprised to establish plausible deniability, in the opinion of my companion or me. Nor did he offer any recommendation that we take precautions to avoid carrying the threat of infestation with us.

Thank goodness we didn't have much baggage, but our belongings are outside in a trash bag, and we sprayed Raid on shoes and purses which had been beside the bed, etc.

If my family ends up with an infestation, despite all immediate efforts to avoid bringing eggs or adults into my own home, I will pursue every legal remedy available. That's disgusting, unacceptable, and dangerous. The management must eradicate the infestation, and warn its guests, or raze that building. It isn't right to expose travelers to that risk.

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We stayed here for the weekend and on Sunday morning my friend woke up to a bed bug crawling on her. I found some on my bed and smushed them and blood came out. There was fresh blood all over our beds.
We were in room 102. Please make sure to check your room for bed bug reminince BEFORE you get situated in any hotel room. You never know when you might run into bed bugs. They can be in any hotel, anywhere. If you do find yourself in a bed bug infestation, put ALL your stuff into bags and when y

ou get home put all you can in your dryer on hot for an hour, all other non-dryable items put in a bag in your freezer for a few days to a week. This should kill any left over bed bug stowing away in your gear.

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We take every report of bed bugs very seriously. If a guest reports that he or she may have found bed bugs, we take swift action. We immediately remove the room from service and call in a nationally recognized pest control expert to investigate the room and take all steps necessary to address the situation.

The safety of our guests and the cleanliness of our facilities are top priorities. The trained and knowledgeable housekeeping staff at Hyatt Regency Louisville is one of the best lines of

defense along with our regular inspections. We pride ourselves on keeping our teams equipped with the knowledge, training, and tools needed to identify and address any issues, and we regularly review our housekeeping standards and procedures to ensure that each Hyatt guest enjoys a safe, clean and comfortable environment in our hotels.

I invite you to contact me at the hotel if you can provide us with more information about your stay and the alleged incident, such as the dates of your stay. We encourage all of our guests to report any alleged incidents to us promptly so we can quickly address the situation. Respectfully, Frankie Mariani, Rooms Executive, 502-581-1234


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I went to bed & literally started itching straight away, i got up to find bites on my neck & face. Thinking I had been bitten by a mosquito I went back to bed only to get up 20 mins later covered in about 20 more bites. I checked my bed & actually found a bug crawling across it.
When we called downstairs to report it, the night manager basically told us the hotel was full due to the derby & to go back to bed!
Once speaking to the manger they found us a suite to move into.
I was very unhappy

in which the manner of this was dealt with.
This was thurs May 5th 2011

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