Executive Inn Hotel
978 Phillips Ln
Louisville, KY

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Both of these people have reported the wrong hotel. Bob says this was the Executive West, that is not true. This hotel at 978 Phillip Ln has been the Executive Inn for many years and it closed in 2008 - kind of funny how there are bedbug reports for it in 2010 after it was torn down. The Executive West was at 830 Phillips Lane and became a Crowne Plaza: Louisville Airport Expo Center after it was remodeled.

This hotel was actually called the Executive West. I stayed at this hotel during the Kentucky State Fair for the horse show starting August 22. My friend had joked about this property having bedbugs. Sure enough he was correct. After one night I was covered in what looked like mosquito bites. I then inspected the bed more closely and found what looked like bug dropping all over the fitted sheet. I I contacted management and immediately checked out. They would not give my deposit back for

the week.

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During the renovation from Executive Inn to the new Crown Plaza my husband and I stayed the night because his company Christmas Party was held in the ballroom. When we got to sleep I kept waking up feeling something crawling on me in the bed. I couldn't take any more of it and I woke my husband up at 5:30am and told him that we had to leave and go home immediately and I was not staying in that room for another minute. A couple weeks later after Christmas my daughter started complaining about mo

squito bites all over her legs. I never thought that we might have brought home a bed bug. I thought she was allergic to something. One day I was cleaning her bedding and found blood spots on her bed and lifted up her mattress to take off her sheets and I saw adult bed bugs in the corners of her mattress!!!!! It made sense because I used her duffle bag on the overnight at the Executive Inn / Crown Plaza stay over and had returned the bag to her room where she kept it under her bed. I tore up the carpet, disposed of all her stuffed animals, went through every page of every book, discarded her head board, and put a hypo allergenic cover over her matress, we diposed of everything out the window of the room we did not drag anything through the house-it has been 1 year ago and no more problems.

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