Crowne Plaza Hotel Louisville-Arpt Ky Expo Ctr .
830 Phillips Ln
Louisville, KY 40209-1330

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Attended a training at this hotel Sept. 16-18, 2014. A coworker noticed a few stray bites after the first night, but after the second night she woke up with bites covering her arm and even on her face. She reported it to management. They placed her in another room and called an exterminator, offered a free stay. She had no problems in the next room. The disconcerting thing was that the manager said emphatically that they were NOT bed bug bites; although, a comparison with internet images of

bedbug bites were identical.

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We were at a church convention July 12-15 at the hotel. After the first night, I had red whelps on my arms and legs. I had never knowingly seen a bed bug so I didn't know what the problem was until I returned home and went to the doctor. Another unfortunate part of this is that some came home with us.

8-16-13 We stayed in room 501. Upon getting ready for bed we pulled the sheets and mattress pads back, there were multiple bed bugs on the mattress of both beds. We reported to the front desk. The sent housekeeping and they confirmed it. They offered to upgrade and do our laundry for us but we packed up and went home.

We found a single bed bug crawling on the night stand at 5:00 AM (July 2011). I quickly put it in a glass cup and took it down to the front desk. The desk attendant was not so nice. He said it was not a bed bug; however, they had the OPC (I think that was the agency's name...basically bug specialists) come in and check the room. They confirmed that there were bed bugs in the room. I appreciated the hotel's honesty about the whole thing. The hotel management really went out of their way to

try make a bad situation better.

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Noticed blood spot on white sheets after first night. Didn't think about it until next day when I saw an article the next day. Have not yet reported to management

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