Marriott Griffin Gate Resort & Golf Club
1800 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511-1330

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Stayed here in April. Woke up and found a bed bug crawling across the pillow. I reported this and they shut down the room and sent in Eco Lab. Eco Lab confirmed there were bed bugs in the box springs. Marriott paid for me to replace the carryon luggage I brought to the room. The room was treated for bedbugs, but it still freaks me out that I slept in there. At least they took quick action and treated it immediately. Please check under the box spring cover before sleeping here.

I woke up and found two bed bugs by my pillow and subsequently developed 20+ bites the following day. Management refused to believe me until their exterminator came (he only comes at night as to "not disturb the guests"). Marriott claims was fairly accommodating, but the hotel gave me what I know is incorrect information about how to effectively deal with dealing with my suitcase/items.

I should have reported this sooner but it took me awhile to realize that I had brought a bedbug or more home from this resort. Back in the spring of 2011 we stayed there for four nights. Upon returning home it took a few days but I awoke with bedbug bites and again a few nights later, then once again a few nights later. Eventually the bites went away but I found evidence of bedbug on my mattress.
I finally figured out that it must have been carried to my home from this resort as it was the onl

y place that we stayed in while we were away.
I am afraid that people on't always realize where they picked up bedbugs as in my case and therefore don't always report them.

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Stayed at Griffin Gate Saturday 7/6/13, found bedbug debris and a dead bedbug on top of the mattress under the mattress pad.
Questioned the hotel twice, one by phone, once at check-in and received the run-around regarding bedbugs.

Stayed on the 2nd floor at the Griffin Gate Marriott for Keeneland. Stayed overnight on the evening 10/15. Came home with evidence of bed bugs which have no infested my home. Please be wary of this hotel.

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