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Stayed at this hotel 10/26/2015 for work. My husband and I stayed 5 days by the second day I had 3 bites in a row on my chest. I had never experienced bed bugs before so at first I didn't think anything of it. By the last day of our stay I had over 15 bites. I did not see any bugs and my husband was not bitten at and we slept in the same bed so I went to the doctor to confirm and she stated it was indeed bed bugs. I went home cleaned my house suitcase and re-washed clothes to ensure I had not br

ought them into the my house. Called the hotel to let them know, the service desk worker tried to act as if it could not have came from their hotel ,but the supervisor showed me the bill of the room being sprayed and no bugs had been found. Fair enough they gave me points for a hotel stay at their chain. Today is 12/29/2015 and I have not stayed at my house in a week because of finding bed bugs. Exterminator came, our infestation was very minimal but very inconvenient nonetheless as well as expensive. He confirmed that eggs had been brought back and had now hatched which why it took so long to notice the bed bugs. DO NOT STAY HERE !!! Not worth the hassle of possible infestation of your home. Would not wish this on anyone, even though they are gone you always wonder if they will return.

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March 8 2012 room 217 found bed bug on person in the night

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