Super 8 Henderson
2030 Us Highway 41 N
Henderson, KY 42420-2351

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2012 July 14. Room 232
My family check in and our key didn't work. A mantience guy asked if we couldn't get into our room, we said yes. The mantience guy used his key, still no access to the room. After he went to the front office, he returned with a key that worked. Apon entering the room it was very cold. I turned up the air conditioner to 78 to get the chill out of the room. We got settled in and went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to find a bedbug crawling on my 7 year old daughter. I kill

ed it and got every one up. I searched the beds and there was alot of red bed bugs on both beds. We went to the front desk and took him a bed bug. He gave us another room. In the morning I spoke with Kairon the manager 7-15-2012, and explained our experience he denied that they had bed bugs and refused to give me a full refund. He stated that the maintence took a flash light and did not see anything. I asked are you going to put other guest into that room with bed bugs? He replied " No indentation that there was an infestion." I was appauld!THERE IS A WASTE BEND, AND BOARDS IN THE PARKING LOT, THEY ARE TAKEING OUT THE INFESTED BEDS AND PUTTING IN NEW BEDS, BUT ARE NOT SPRAYING TO KILL THE BED BUGS NOR DID THEY PULL UP THE CARPET. SUPER 8 IN HENDERSON KY IS SPREADING BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!

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We stayed at this hotel on December 13, 2008. My wife and I got in late and were beat. The room wasn't too good but we were too tired to care. An hour or so after going to bed, we woke up to bugs crawling on us. Further investigation revealed numerous bugs in the upholstered bed heads and in the bedding. We got up and put our luggage in the car but ended up staying anyway since it was too cold to sleep in the car and we didn't want to try to find another motel in the middle of the night. We even

caught some and put them in a prescription bottle to show the manager the next morning.
We contacted the chain and the local board of health, both of whom basically implied that we were making things up. The hotel offered us a discount on the room, but they were missing the point. We were trying to save someone else from an equally miserable night.
Based on other reports, it sounds like this hotel is keeping up its fine tradition. That was the last time that we stayed in a Super 8 Hotel.

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Stayed here in June 10.. place is horrible. bed bugs present.. black infestation marks matched what the Internet showed as what it looked like.. owners seemed unconcerned..

June 18th and 19th,2010 Room #110--Checked in 18th did check a little of the mattress--noticed they were extremely flthy! Then Sun, June 20th came in about 12am from a festival all day while lying in the bed with my pajamas on as I had slept there the night before noticed something crawling in center of bed, got it with a lysol wipe and checked out mattress entirely noticed the black residue of infestation at foot of both beds..3 people witnessed this. We also took pics. I immediately got up th

rew away my pajamas and took a hot shower got clean clothes on. Management gave us another room where mattresses looked ok. (I still slept in the car). Two of us had what appeared to be bed bug bumps.
Management stated they did not know anything about it. However, my friend who arrived late on Friday noticed there were 3 housekeeping personnel in room spraying something between the sheets which made us wonder whether or not they knew about it. Also management stated they had "bought the mattresses used..." WHAT??!! USED???!!! Im now at home and have washed clothing in hot water & dried it same and am spraying out car w/alcohol.

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