Super 8 Fort Mitchell KY
2350 Royal Dr
Fort Mitchell, KY 41017-2008

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7/24/15 checked-in late night unpacked what I did bring in (which wasn't much because if skepticism of this problem), all over not just here.However checked bed and under pad didn't really see anything. After an hour +/-,I saw something crawling up the side of the bed on the fitted sheet I took a picture of it on my phone then killed it. Because of the size , I didn't much of it (maybe a little). About an hour later I noticed my ankles and feet seem to be itching, and throwing the sheet back di

dn't notice but a second later another bbig bug came crawling across the bed so I thought maybe the comforter and blanket had something on them threw them off killed it and 2 more googled pics(BEDBUGS). Told owner did my believe me didn't want too see pics on phone Said I'm the only one to complain. She'd knows and refuses to admit in my opinion. Said will discount one day if THEY find any. It's not about the money it's about getting them on Me and carrying them out of there to spread them around. Shame on you Wyndham

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Labor Day weekend 2013 - My 8-year-old son and I shared a king bed in room 303. I inspected the mattress before we unpacked. It looked new and clean with no signs of bed bugs. He woke up covered in bites, probably about 60 bites from head to toe. I had no bites. We showed the hotel staff. They said it was mosquitoes and offered to move us. We stayed in the same room but traded sides of the bed. The next day I found a very small reddish-brown bug on the bed and put it in a cup and showed

it to the hotel staff. They said it was not a bed bug, without really studying it. A week later, I woke up covered in bites (delayed reaction) with more bites showing up as they day went on. We have taken every precaution to prevent bringing them home but I am still terrified and exhausted.

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June 25th - 26th 2013 Room 130. We were woke up at 3:30 in the morning with bed bugs crawling on us. We had looked all over the beds before staying & didn't see anything. Thought it was safe, now we have to turn around and head home, no way can we go visit our family and take a chance of bring extra visitors. Staff moved us to another room but there is no way I can stay here.

There were bed bugs in room 112 on June 6, 2011. The staff was very rude about it, and did not seem to be concerned. We didn't stay in this room, and demanded our money back. This is the worst motel that I have ever encountered!

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