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I slept with a pillow between my legs and the bed bugs attacked, even though I wasn't sleeping long.
I have spent more than a week in pain, barely able to walk. My Dr. has confirmed it was bed bugs and I am now on a painful medication routine. I have learned that I need to check this registry before I stay anywhere!

My Dr. advised me to travel with my own sheets and pillows.

We went to the radisson for 12 years still nothing

We went to the radisson for 12 years still nothing

We went to the radisson for 12 years still nothing

In response to my earlier post from Sep. 29, 2012. Management actually called me back and reimbursed my entire stay, and was very apologetic. I had no problems with the room they gave me after room 1123. If it wasn't for the unfortunate events in room 1123, I would give this hotel 5 stars, especially for customer service.

September 27, 2012. Stayed in room 1123. Woke up in the morning with 2 itchy welts on my neck, and one on my cheek. 4 more welts showed up on my arm later in the day. I used to live in NYC, and spent 11 weeks travelling around Europe so I KNOW bedbugs. The one that bit me was undoubtedly a mature bug - I have never had bugs as bad as this. I have had to ice them and take advil for inflammation. Management was responsive and immediately moved my room and credited that night back to my card.

I really think I should have argued to have all 3 nights paid for, because now I will have to thouroughly inspect all of my luggage (you MUST put everything in the dryer at highest temp for atleast 20 mins).

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Radisson Hotel/covington Kentucky

My husband and I booked the New Year’s package Saturday 12-31-11 to Sunday 1-1-2012. This was our third stay at the hotel. A nice little get away for newlywed couple. Great view of the city and nice hotel packages.

The problem: We were getting ready to go to breakfast on Sunday morning when I noticed two bed bugs on the pillows. We had a room with double beds and there was a bed bug on each pillow. I took pictures of them on my phone and called the front

desk to alert someone of the problem. Two female supervisors came right away. They apologized about the bed bugs and used Kleenex to get them. They told the night manager about it when he came in that morning. The night manager did talk to us and he apologized for what happened, compensated us for half of our stay, and offered a complimentary dinner. Like I said everyone was very understanding and we did not have any bites.

However, here’s the second issue: There was a bed bug on my coat when we got home. We wrapped it up in a paper towel and put it in three zip lock bags in the freezer. I called the hotel back and told the person at the front desk about the one on my coat and to have somebody from the executive or corporate office to contact me. As of January 5th 2012 11:30pm, I have received no phone calls. I emailed the corporate office and have received no response. I am distraught and devastated that there may be bed bugs in our house because we wanted to get away for New Year’s weekend. My coat was on the back of the desk chair which is where I could have picked it up. I threw my coat away because my biggest concern is the egg travel or the babies. The eggs stick on clothing, are smaller than a grain of rice, and the babies are about the size of the words “In God We Trust” on a penny. The babies can live for two months after they hatch without a blood meal. You need a magnifying glass to see them. We had to wash and dry our clothes on high heat. My shoes are in plastic bags outside because bed bugs can’t survive in temperature below 55 degrees. I bought 7 bottles of 99% alcohol and have been spraying the furniture all this week because that strength kills on contact (foggers don’t work). I’ve had to order an insecticide from amazon.com that kills bed bugs on contact. I don’t want parasites (whose main purpose in life is blood meal) feeding on me, leaving marks all over me, or living in my mattress. I want to return home in the same condition I left. I want my lasting memory to be “what a wonderful weekend” instead of “OMG did we bring anything home with us” I don’t have that wonderful memory. I’m going through all of these procedures to make sure I don’t have bed bugs in my house from this hotel. I am just one person. There will be another person just like me, and another one just like me. Eventually there will be so many customers just like me it won’t matter how great the deals are. Customers will refuse to stay because they don’t want to bring bed bugs home. I want that trust back. You can’t give it away, you can’t buy it, and you can’t sell it. Trust is earned. This is not a bad dream that I wish I could wake up from. I can see from the responses that someone does care about the customers. Customers are the eyes, ears, and voice if something is good or bad. Print this post in triplicate. Take this to your board meetings, get somebody’s attention, and make him/her understand. This is real, I’m living this, it’s happening to me and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

Possible solution: Admit there is a problem with bed bugs and accept it. Develop a plan to be proactive in reducing the spread instead of reactive. Don’t wait until something really bad or embarrassing happens then say ok lets jump on the ban wagon and do something about this. Give the housekeeping staff some kind of spray that kills on contact and spray the furniture and bedding with it. Create a team of sprayers to spray all the rooms while the other person cleans. House keeping probably has two people cleaning rooms on each floor, with maybe ten minutes to clean each room. They don’t have time to check every detail; things get overlooked if the room is not a mess. Customer’s want security and piece of mind. Customers want a reason to come back.

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I arrived at the Radisson on 10/26/2011 and spent the night with no problems. However on 10/27/2011 after taking a brief nap around 12:30pm on top of the comforter after lunch I noticed I had several bite marks on the side I was sleeping on. I itched horribly and the bites turned into huge welts. I notified the manager on duty and they said they would inspect my room. I left the hotel for dinner and when I returned I spoke to a different evening manager to see what they had discovered. They said

they had moved me to another room and would need to inspect the previous room I was in before they could deterime if there were bedbugs. What good is it for me to change rooms and move the bedbugs with me to the new room. The evening manager apologized for the inconvenience however the physical and mental damage was done. I was hobbified that I would bring the bugs home with me.

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Checked into the Radisson on Thursday, October 6th, room 1431. Husband had checked in earlier in the day. My daughters and I arrived from airport about 10:30. Got into bed about 11:30. Woke at 12:30 literally covered in bugs. Not one or two or even 10 but more. My husband had not yet come to bed but was sitting in chair watching TV. Thankfully, there were only a couple in the girls' bed. After I jumped out of bed, which wasn't easy as I have a broken back and am having surgery in a month

, my husband threw back the covers and watched as the many, many bugs scurried back to their hiding places. My husband helped the staff catch several of them in a glass for the exterminator to see. We, of course, were moved to another room but only received one night free. While the staff was very nice, they were not helpful or communicative. They wanted the whole incident swept under the rug. Although we asked several times, no one would confirm that the bugs we saw were bedbugs. But, after much research, we definitely know that is what they were. Now just trying to figure out how to be sure we didn't bring any home with us.

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Found a bedbug in my room when it crawled on my foot. Kept the bug and maintenance comfirmed that it was a bed bug and that it wasn't the first they'd seen in the hotel.

The staff of the Radisson Hotel sincerely apologizes for your experience. Please rest assured that we take this matter very seriously. Once we are made aware of a possible occurance, the room is immediately taken out of order for a thorough cleaning and is not returned back into our inventory for guests until is has undergone an extensive inspection by both our executive housekeeper and an outside exterminating company inspector. We have had very few incidences of this problem at the Radisson du

e to the diligent efforts of our staff.

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We woke up in the early morning and there was a bed bug in the bed of my child when my child lifted up the blanket. We caught the bug in a cup, but it went down the sink when my child knocked the cup over. I feel lucky that none of us had bites. Took a photo and the housekeeping manager at the hotel confirmed it was a bed bug.

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