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Covington, KY 41011

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I was on a business trip. I was getting ready in the morning when I noticed something crawling on the bed. I captured the bug in a water bottle. I reported it to the front desk, where I was pretty much immediately dismissed!!
There was not attempt to make things right at all.
I was extremly upset and horrified at this incident, to think I slept with these creatures all night long, and not to mention the possibilty that i could carry them home!!

On April 12, 2011 our Delta flight crew stayed the night. The Captain's room was 522, he woke up with 2 bed bugs crawling on his legs. They moved him at 4:30 am to another room ((on the same floor)). Never stay on that floor or in room 522.

The staff of the Radisson Hotel sincerely apologizes for your experience. Please rest assured that we take this matter very seriously. Once we are made aware of a possible occurance, the room is immediately taken out of order for a thorough cleaning and is not returned back into our inventory for guests until is has undergone an extensive inspection by both our executive housekeeper and an outside exterminating company inspector. We have had very few incidences of this problem at the Radisson du

e to the diligent efforts of our staff.

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During mid - January I stayed at the Radisson near the Ohio River. I always check for bedbugs, but this hotel has the Sleep Number beds, so you cannot see up inside the bed,due to the mechanism. I felt something biting me, but thought it could be my imagination or dry skin, etc.

NExt day I had a "line" of bite marks across my stomach and backside.

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