Embassy Suites Hotel Cincinnati Rivercenter/Covington, KY
10 E River Center Blvd
Covington, KY 41011-1508

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Booked a room for gymnastics meet on 01/19/14 for one night. I always look for signs of bed bugs but before I had a chance, my daughter, who is a health inspector, checked the bed for me. She found young bugs under sheet. They were very small and light tan in color. I thought they looked like lint until I saw them crawling around. I don't know if I would have seen them myself! We moved everything out of the room and called the manager. He came and looked but the bugs were gone with all the

light in the room. We got another room but I was never comfortable again. The room number was 311. Look VERY carefully.

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We checked in on Dec. 22, 2012. On 23rd my arm kept itching. Woke up on the 23rd and I had 70 bites on my face, arms, legs. I was miserable. When I looked I could see the bugs and had one on my night shirt. Told management who didn't act too surprised. All hotels were boeked in the area so they moved our room. We were scared we were bringing them with us but I guess we didn't. I have scars on my arms and legs still. I will check carefully from now on and they should have before I got ther


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Because of a past experience at an unrelated hotel, we learned the bedbug signs and even had our house inspected. Dodson found no evidence of bedbugs and completed our precautionary extermination paid for by this other hotel. I researched hotels in the Cincinnati area for 2 weeks before booking our room here even though there was a recent post (12/26) on bedbugregistry.com. We checked in, made sure our little one stood in the main area as we pulled the beds apart. We saw nothing until we picked

up the boxspring and saw a mature bedbug run down the inside of the bedframe. We gathered the bug and took it down to the front desk with our belongings. We were offered a free stay at another hotel (we have received nothing yet), and were told that we would not be charged.

They assured me that they do not have a problem, based on everything that I have read, this was a mature bug...they DO have a problem. We were also told that this comes from international travelers. This appears to be the main excuse for every hotel as if it's a canned response (the unrelated hotel said the same thing).

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH - look for the signs!

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We were very lucky. Our key did not work to enter the room so while we were waiting our daughter noticed a bug on the curtain. It was a bed bug. The manager was nice but there was no denying it was a bed bug. We left the hotel. This happened on 12/26/12.

Stayed one night 4/22/12. Bedbug bites appeared shortly after. I never saw bugs and mattress edges looked clean but I am certain that's where the bites occurred (no other recent travel and no bugs at home). Management responded promptly to my report and followed up saying the room(s) had been professionally inspected with no evidence of bedbugs.

August 19-21st I stayed here and I am starting to get red bumps. I googled and they said they start showing up 9 days later. I hope and pray I did not take any home with me!

I spent four days in the Embassy Suites, Covingtn, Ky in July 17 through 21st. While there it was extremely hot, and the hotel could not seem to keep the temperature down inside the hotel. Someone said some of their air conditioning was on the blink. I don't know if that would make this situation worse, but I woke up one morning with small red bites all over my back and a couple under my arm. The following nights I slept on the couch. I will say I searched for bed bugs and did not see any,

but the bites came in the night, they were not misquitoe bites, and the only explanation I could think of was bed bugs. Ugh.

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