Super 8 Cave City Ky
799 Old Mammoth Cave Rd, #930
Cave City, KY 42127-9237

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Ky Resident

Checked the room before bringing my stuff in as always. Found one dead bed bug and feces that there were more. Staff redunded money no questions asked. Ended up staying next door at Sleep Inn.

The hotel has taken some preventive measures such as full mattress and spring covers, but maybe not enough. The king bed in room 123 had a single live bedbug between mattress and springs, but no frass or other indications. Manager refunded $$ with no questions and we went next door to the Sleep Inn for a good night's rest. The night manager said he hadn't heard of the bedbug problem recurring "in about 6 months", despite the August reports herein.
Otherwse, it looks like a nice and inexpensiv

e place to stay, if they can ever get rid of the bugs.

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We spent 1 night there on 8/16/13, most of us started seeing bites in the 3 or 4 in a row pattern on the drive home the following day so did not discuss with the hotel. A week later still having issues...hoping we did not bring any home with us.

My friend and I received bites here on the night of August 11, 2013. Room 103. The manager denied that there had ever been bugs in that room but did not deny that other rooms had been/were infected. We got a full refund after arguing with him. I had bedbugs in an apartment several years ago and am familiar with the bite patterns and stains they leave on sheets.

My friend and I immediately went to a laundromat in Cave City and washed and/or dried all of our things. The manager called me later

that day to say that he had the room checked out and there were no bedbugs. Given the bites we received, the stain on the sheets, his reaction to our complaint, his willingness to give us a refund, and other reviews here, I am certain there were bedbugs in our room.

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Super 8 Cave City, KY
799 Old Mammoth Cave RD
Room 223

We checked into the room and were out and around the town until about 10:30pm when we got back to the room. Upon getting ready for bed, my girlfriend noticed that there were a couple of brownish bugs on the box springs of our bed. We immediately took both photos and video of all the locations and also checked Google images to verify that what we were looking at was definitely bed bugs. I called down to the front des

k and told them about our situation. Immediately the woman at the desk said that what we were looking at was not bed bugs and that it was not an issue. I asked the woman to either come up or send someone to look, and her response was that she could not walk up stairs and she was the only one working at the time. After insisting that we needed to be moved to another room, she called the manager and got us another room in the hotel. We were told to leave the room exactly how it was, which we did minus quickly grabbing all of our stuff, and the manager would be doing "an inspection" in the morning. When I went down to drop off the old room keys, I showed her the pictures I took of our room verses some examples of bed bugs from the internet and exactly where they could be found on the bed and box springs. She at first tried to play it off that they weren't the same thing. After saying that I didn't feel like she wasn't being truthful to us, she did finally give in and say; "Yea, that looks like bed bugs, sorry about that." That was really all the response we received other than we got our new room keys. I do have both picture and video proof of the room, bed, and bed bugs detailing what we saw, just in case the manager wants to claim we were lying or trying to deface the hotel. I don't know why the manager would say that because we didn't ask for any reimbursement, simply that we only asked to switch rooms. If we do incur any extra charges or grief from this situation from the hotel staff we are prepared to report the hotel to the BBB, State of Kentucky Health Department, and obviously in our reviews of the hotel on various travel agencies websites.

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Nothing. We stayed there for one night and had no bites. I checked under the mattresses and saw nothing.

My son and I checked in to the Super 8 Motel on October 6, 2012. We went to bed around 8:30 pm and I woke up around 10:00 pm to find our bed infested with bed bugs!! They were everywhere! I called the front desk and they came up to see it and were as freaked out as we were! I immediately bagged up our pillows and blanket (that I brought from home) in garbage bags. I drove us home in the middle of the night and I am now spending my day washing everything we had in which I did find a dead one in m

y washer from the pajamas we were wearing! I am throwing away my suitcase, pillows, and anything else that came in contact. My weekend away is costing me a fortune to take care of this situation! At this point, I will NEVER stay in another hotel- especially not the Super * in Cave city KY!!!!

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Dear General Manager Sean Chokshi,
I am writing to you in regards to my stay at your Super 8 799 Mammoth Cave St. I checked in on 08/18/2011 (Thursday) and checked out on 08/20/2011 (Saturday).
ROOM # 111 Confirmation # 50582555
On Thursday night I did find a dead, big hairy spider in our room which i disposed off. Then no other activity or sightings. On Friday night I found another dead, big hairy spider which again I disposed off. I went to get into my bed and up on the wall, above headboar

d, was crawling a little brown bug, which i killed and flushed. Then a couple hrs. later after I showered, I went to get into bed and there was another little brown bug crawling around in my sheets. This is the bug I had brought down to front desk, the one you are aware of, which is the same type of bug that was crawling on the wall above bed. The housekeepers were not in my room my entire stay, so it wasnt brought in from them or from outside.
Our room rate was...
08/18 $ 69.95
08/19 $ 84.95
Two Pet Charges Total of $ 20.00
TAX $ 7.76
TAX $ 9.42
OUR TOTAL BILL was $ 192.08 you did deduct $ 25.00 which left us with a $ 167.08 Charge.

Today is Sunday Evening 08/21/2011 as I am writing this email to you, I am anticipating your call tommorow, but as of right now, I am writing to you in regards to myself being ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!!!!! Please look at the photos, they do not give justice to the actual welts that I have and the itching. Sir, the bites I acquired on my face, bother me the worse because I am traveling on business, and do work with the public. The bites on my arms, fingers, back, hips and bottom legs are miserable but I can hide them pretty much. I have been traveling for business for over 5 years and stay in hotels over 200 nights a year. I HAVE NEVER had any situation like this what so ever. I know some things may be out of your control, but I am so very unhappy, and miserable from my stay at your Super 8. After you review my photos of the intense bites I do hope that you REFUND OUR FULL AMOUNT. If you need my credit card that was used for reservation to refund amount back to,I also am anticipating from hearing from you on Monday 08/22/2011 regarding what type of bug that was. Thank You for taking the time to read my letter and addressing my concerns.

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