Best Western Executive Inn
10 Slumber Ln
Carrollton, KY 41008-8072

Found 4 reports:

I pulled the blankets back and seen a bedbug. I immediately got dressed out the bug in a cup and took the the desk (alive) the girl called her manger and she moved us to a smokers room. The next morning the manager told us we were lying no bug was brought down that the room was also inspected by her "trained" housekeepers checked the old room and found nothing (which by the way must not be trained to put toilet paper or empty trash cans cause the smokers room wasn't ready). The manager was ve

ry rude and we will not return to that hotel!
We never received money back OR an apology.

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Found bugs right upon check in today!!!! They said they spray for them but we found them right away. We received a full refund on the spot. 5.25.2014

9/18/12 Room 211. Just about ready to get in bed when I saw a spot on one of the pillows. After closer inspection I realized it was a bed bug. I put it in a cup and took it to the front desk and was given another room.

We were in our beds for just over half an hour when a bed bug came creeping out of the bedding. We capured the bug, took it to the front desk and promptly left to find other accomidations.

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