Super 8
110 Willamette Ln
Bowling Green, KY 42101-9170

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I found bed bugs in room #214(October 9,2013) tonight!!!!! I saw one crawling by my pillow and then tore the bed apart and found another one. I always check for bed bugs and I guess didn't see them. I put it in a cup and gave it to the front desk. They moved me to a new room because I'm with many other people and we can't leave the hotel. DONT STAY HERE! I tore this room apart searching for more bed bugs but haven't seen any. I swear I think I'm gonna sleep in the tub tonight..,.

we stayed at this super 8 on sept 14 2014 room #212 . My wife and i left real early sun am a few hours later we started to itch started to notice bite marks by the time we arrived home we had so many bites showing you could not begin to count them 100s on each of us. Looked up bed bug bites on the internet pictures look exactly like our bites. I called the motel and talked to the manager and informed him of the problem. He said that he would let me know of the results he did not call. later le

ft a message that i wanted to get a return call again he did not call me

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We stayed at the Super 8 on 11/24/2012 and found a bed bug crawling on the sheet on the side of the mattress while were getting ready in the morning. We killed it with a hotel towel then did a little research and found it was a bed bug. It looked exactly the same as the picture we found on the internet taken of a bed bug beside a dime. Both were reddish in color, looked similar to a tick, and were slightly bigger than the size of the ear on a dime. We took it to the front desk. They did not

seem surprised and refunded our money with no problem.

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We stayed at the this Super 8 for one night, Oct 26, 2011. It was our first day of travel. When we woke up in the am we noticed blood on one of the beds in the neck area. Looking more carefully we found 2 bugs, which I immediately took to the front desk and asked what they were. She said they looked like ticks which was better than the alternative, bed bugs. She said they would call pest control, and would ask them what kind of bugs they were. Then she would notify me, which she didn't. I h

ad to call a couple of days later to find out they were bed bugs and that 4 more were found, but they were all dead, which was a good sign. Ha! They gave me a discount on the room, 25%, but that's not worth it.

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