La Quinta Inn & Suites
1953 Mel Browning St
Bowling Green, KY 42104-0311

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During a stay the week of Thanksgiving 2012, we identified an adult bed bug crawling up the wall in room 206. I had checked all of the mattresses, but they were covered in zippered cases, which I did not remove.

We trapped the bug, and took it down to the front desk. The staff member there moved us to a room on the third floor. Honestly, he seemed pretty nervous, but not surprised. Didn't offer a refund, but wrote up an incident report.

We looked up a photo of a bed bug online to confi

rm (and I had seen them previously and recognized this bug) and the staffer didn't question us.

Our next room seemed fine. Curiously, the first room we stayed in had mattresses covered; the second did not. We assumed room 206 had previously had a problem and perhaps been treated.

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