Country Inn & Suites Bowling Green
535 Wall St
Bowling Green, KY 42103-8035

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Stayed in room 102, checked the beds before the kids got in and found a bug. It was alive and undeniably a bed bug. Made them move us immediately.

June 18, 2014
We checked in and I immediately pulled sheets back to find disgusting soiled sheets and upon closer inspection dead bed bugs.......we asked for a refund which we received along with apologies......very nice front desk staff....needless to say we drove 3 hours home at midnight!!

We checked in on December 26, 2013 with a basketball team for a Christmas tournament. I found a live bedbug and the blood stains and remains on both of the beds in the room. We contacted the front desk, showed them the bug and evidence and was immediately moved to the only room available--a suite. I checked that bed as well and did not find anything. The previous room was closed down. None of the other rooms in our block had any bugs as well.

Stayed at this location as we were traveling to Florida. The hotel seemed cleaned. The next day we noticed our son had been bitten all over his body. Called the hotel to report it and they stated they had a problem. No one had mentioned this during the check-in process.

7/18/13 - 7/21/2013 I Stayed at the Country Inn & Suites on Watts Road. I contracted bed bugs there. I wasn't sure until I arrived at home and was completely miserable with the scratch and raised areas all along me arms and back. I did report this to the staff today and there were extremely professional and was glad that I called.

We checked into a suite on August 10th, 2012. I found two dead bed bugs on the rug near the closet and bed. We asked to be moved to another room. They offered to move us next door. That was not far enough away so they gave us a room one floor up. We immediately stripped the bedding away from the corner of the beds and found a dead bed bug nymph.

The front desk person seemed incredulous and kept offering to send a maintenance man up. It was difficult to impress on her how big a deal it was, t

hat it wasn't about three dead bugs. Ultimately, they agreed to give us our money back and cheerily told us, "have a good evening" at 11pm with no accommodation anywhere else and no place to sleep. We drove seven hours through the night to get home.

We decided that we think the hotel knew they had a problem and had been periodically exterminating, which would explain finding only dead ones. But it seemed disingenuous to me, to then try to send up a maintenance guy to smooth it over (what was he going to do?). I hope this info helps someone. It's a nice looking hotel so I was surprised.

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