Best Western-Motor Inn
166 Cumberland Trace Rd
Bowling Green, KY 42103-9000

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We stayed at this hotel as part of a large organization taking part in an event in the area. I travel frequently and always inspect my room thoroughly before I bring in my luggage. When I pulled back the top mattress to inspect the box springs and headboard area I found a single, live, adult bed bug. There was evidence of other bugs but no actual bugs themselves. I immediately reported it to the front desk and they called the manage who, after failing to convince me I was imagining things, had

the desk worker go with me to the room so I could show him. He confirmed the bed bug and we were moved to another room. I did not find any bugs in that room. I inspected several of the other rooms our group stayed in and found dead bugs in one room but nothing in the others. No one in our group reported any bites the next day and the manager assured me they had already been in contact with a pest control company to come and do a full inspection. While they were very nice about the whole thing I would use caution while staying at this hotel for the time being.

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