Quality Inn Ashland
4708 Winchester Ave
Ashland, KY 41101-6536

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My boyfriend was staying at this hotel for a week for work. He was three nights into his trip when he started noticing the bedbugs. He sent me a picture on his phone of a bug on the tip of his knife blade and said "this isn't a bedbug, is it?" I found a bedbug life cycle chart online, compared the picture he sent me with the chart, and realized that it was MOST DEFINITELY a bedbug. I sent the picture to him to check for himself. I told him that he needed to show the bug to hotel staff, get

a refund, and GET OUT OF THE HOTEL! After talking with the woman at the desk, he was told that he and his coworker could be given a free night and moved to another room. I told him that he needs to demand a refund and leave the hotel altogether because it is likely that if one room is contaminated, more rooms are as well.

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