La Quinta Inn Wichita Airport
5500 W Kellogg Dr
Wichita, KS 67209-2345

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Guest checked in 04/25/2013, stayed 3 nights in room 414 and checked out 04/28/2013 with no complaints. Three days later the hotel was contacted by guest stating the room had bedbugs. Guest was informed that the room has continued to be rented but that it would be taken off market and inspected immediately and that she would be contacted with the findings and any compensation would be discussed at that point based on the find

ings. Our head houskeeper, lead maintenance and General Manager inspected the room within 10 minutes of the phone call and found nothing. As an added precaution, we had our contracted exterminator inspect the room and they also cleared the room, finding nothing. A follow up phone call was placed to the guest by noon on the same day she made the complaint. There was no answer and a message was left on the voicemail as to our findings. The guest has not returned our call.

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300-400 bites on body during 3-nite stay in Room 414 from 4/25/13 thru 4/28/13. Reported to hotel representative who offered no apologies nor compensation...only offered to check out the room but did not offer to report any findings to me.

No nearby bug reports