Quality Inn Topeka
1240 Sw Wanamaker Rd
Topeka, KS 66604-3811

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I stayed here on Feb 5 2012, room 216. When I woke up, I was itching a lot. I seen a few red bumps on my right arm. I thought it was flea bites since there was a dog show last week and a lot of dogs stayed in rooms. 6 hours later, both arms and neck was covered with large red bumps that itch. The bugs were in my shirt! I called motel and reported this. They said they would look into it. By the time I got home, 8pm feb 6, I had a fever of 102, sever itching and light-headed dizziness. By midnite

difficulty in breathing and racing heartbeats. All my clothes were put in dryer, high heat, for one hour. I had read this would kill the bugs. I took a shower using dogs flea shampoo. It works. I rub deodorant on bites which stops the itch imedately. I treated other systoms like a cold. Asprin, nyqil and plenty of bed rest. I have to stay at this hotel when on business trips, company orders. I will have with me RAID,Flea shampoo and local phone# for Board of Health.

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