Super 8
10750 Barkley St
Shawnee Mission, KS

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I checked into this hotel on the afternoon of 12-01-10 and checked out early in the morning on 12-03-10. I noticed, after the first night, some kind of bites on my arms and discovered later, after the second night, that I had more bites on my arms and legs. I found out about a week later, after looking online and asking different friends/relatives, that these bites were bedbug bites. Due to not knowing right away what these bites were, my luggage and blanket had the bugs in them and infested

my home. Therefore, I had to pay an exterminator to get rid of these bugs.

When I returned to the Overland Park area, I called on 12-13-10 and told the manager, Peter Naik, what I had discovered. I explained to him that I didn't discover what these bites were right away and had to spend over $200 on extermination fees. He told me to come in the next morning to get a refund for my stay. So, I went in and explained to him again what my expenses were and he gave me a refund for one night and said he would refund me the second night as well as my expenses, when I sent him proof of my expenses. So, I did as he said and sent him the proof he requested and then he said he would only pay for my second night and nothing else. This is unacceptable and is why I am just now reporting this bedbug incident.

Thank you.

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