LA Quinta Inn-Olathe
20570 W 151st St
Olathe, KS 99999

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Just checked in to my room and when I walked in all the cushions were turned up and drawers open. Then I seen something on the white sheet of one of the beds. It was the bottom end of a bug that had been squashed along with a small bed bug crawling around it. I have stayed here a few times this being the only time seeing this and I'm always searching for these things. They moved me to the other side of the hotel. Searched this room high and low seems good. Will only keep a change

of clothes and my shower bag in the room for my one night stay. Also got a few photos of the bed bugs.

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Stayed the night of May 26, 2013, they had overbooked the hotel so they put our family of 4 in a king size room with a roll away, I slept on the roll away and awoke around 1:00 with severe itching on my back, on inspection found 11 large welts on my lower back and side, went down and told the front desk, they said "sorry" bagged all of our stuff in plastic bags and left, went to doctor the next day where he confirmed I had bed bug bites, still waiting to hear from management about our horrible

stay, will never return!!

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My son and I stayed in this hotel on July 16th, 2012. I was happy to find a nice hotel at a fairly reasonable price. Unfortunately we awoke the next morning to find strange bugs on the nightstand by the bed, and even more in the bathroom. I didn't know at the time that they were bed bugs. We checked out that day and when we arrived at our next destination I looked up bed bug images on the internet. Sure enough. They were full grown adult bed bugs. I called the hotel to report it and the p

erson on the phone did not seem surprised, nor did he apologize. He said "Thanks I'll tell maintenance and the manager." I left my name with him but never heard back from anyone at the hotel. Very disappointing! I would have appreciated some sort of apology or compensation.
We had already brought our bags into the house where we were visiting family, and I found a bug in the pillowcase of a pillow I had brought with me, so an exterminator had to be called. The cost of treating just our bedroom was $650. Yikes!
A few tips if you find yourself in this predicament- Wash everything immediately and dry it in super high temps for at least 30 minutes. Bag anything you cannot wash and get it out of the house. The exterminator told us to put it in the car and leave it there if it's hot enough outside for the car interior to hit 120 degrees. Thankfully it's summer!

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