Quality Inn Liberal
720 E Pancake Blvd
Liberal, KS

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We stayed at the Quality Inn on Aug 1st, 2012. Woke up and saw one bed bug crawling across the bottom of the bed. We freaked out, saw one bite on my husband, packed up and went to check out. I demanded a refund and showed the front desk the actual bug I brought up. The manager, Jay, was exceptionally rude, told me that "people like you bring these bugs into my hotel" and offered me 1000 Choice Points or half off the room rate.
Why would I pay to sleep in a bed bug infested room???? and why woul

d I want Choice Points? We'll never stay in another hotel, let alone a crappy Choice Hotel with the worst customer service ever.

Within 48 hours my husband had 322 bed bug bites. OVER THREE HUNDRED! Some are on his forehead.
Choice hotels directed me back to the hotel manager. He then sent me an email saying he'd take 20% off the room rate ($17) and give me 2000 choice points.
We have spent over $500 in medical and bed bug inspection costs. We have now contacted an attorney.

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